Commanding Officer of Roger Rangers, Major Robert Rogers

Adirondack Rangers welcomes you to our home on the web.

Adirondack Rangers is a competitive airsoft unit with players of various ages based in the Lake George region of historic Upstate NY. Adirondack Rangers derives its name from the famous colonial militia unit Rogers Rangers attached to the British Army in the United States during the French and Indian War. Trained by Major Robert Rogers, Rogers Rangers was deployed as a light infantry force specializing in reconnaissance and special operations against distant targets. Bold and effective, Rogers Rangers became a primary scouting unit for the British Army in the late 1750’s.

Loosely formed from a group of recreational players looking for outdoor fun and and the MILSIM experiance, an active group of enthusiasts formed into a functional airsoft unit and eventually became the Adirondack Rangers. With a small dedicated group of players Adirondack Rangers has become an airsoft unit with a cohesive identity based on the traditions of Rogers Rangers.

Adirondack Rangers -” Trained to Win” is an introduction video to the team and is a small sample of who the Adirondack Rangers are and represents how the team works on the field during events, the training we strive to complete as a group, and the bond we each share with one another.

You can follow the team on Facebook: Adirondack Rangers – Facebook

New for the final months of 2012; the Adirondack Rangers team, ADK is currently developing a senior team for National Events called Adirondack Rangers Expeditionary Unit, or simply AREU. This segment of the team will focus on ADK’s seasoned players with plans to travel and compete at large regional and national events spreading the teams influence into areas outside of the Lake George region of Upstate New York.

AREU is now gearing itself up for the 2014 season and plans to attend events promoted by producers such as Major John Bucciarelli with Operation Blacksheep and John Lu with Operation Lion Claws. AREU individuals have their sights set on attending as many national events as possible while keeping the entire ADK team “in the field” at local and regional events close to home.


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Fidelis Frater!