Every team member needs a few basic things to be part of the team. A good attitude, a desire to win, and the willingness to function as a team.


Gear is also an essential part of being an organized and functional team. Common gear helps identify the Adirondack Rangers (ADK) and plays a part in how ADK operates. For example; The standardized Woodland MARPAT uniform with the Adirondack Rangers name tape identifies ADK team members at events the team attends, common gear such as a STANAG compatible AEG,  a radio, and Thunder B’s and their placement, allow the team to function as an effective unit at those events.

Listed is a basic load-out list of required gear for all recruits. Gear can be an expense, so only the very basics have made it to the required list for individuals new to the team. As a player grows with the team optional equipment can be added to their load-out to meet event and team position needs.


Recruits need these basic items to be considered for an active member slot on ADK. These key items are not required prior to being accepted into ADK, but are required to be accepted as a full member of the team and play in team sanctioned events. The required, or essential gear, signifies a new players commitment to the team.

The Adirondack Rangers uses MARPAT (Marine Pattern) camouflage as it’s field service uniform. Any individual not capable of meeting the basic requirements of a serviceable field uniform will not be placed on the active unit roster until one is acquired.

  • MARPAT Blouse/ FROG shirt – Woodland (Also known as digital woodland)
  • MARPAT Trousers – Woodland (Also known as digital woodland)
  • Tan Riggers Belt
  • OD Green Tee-Shirt
  • Tan Boots
  • Serviceable Primary Weapon (ie M4, M16, SCAR, etc)
  • Eye Protection – ANSI rated
  • Face Mask – Event/ Age specific
  • Tan Hydration Bag
  • Red Rag


New and old players alike eventually will need more gear to complete their kit and compliment their functional play style. These items should be considered in addition to the required gear list. Players should make reasonable efforts to acquire this gear over time to conform to team appearance and game play

  • MARPAT Blouse/ FROG Shirt – Desert (Required for events requiring tan uniform)
  • MARPAT Trousers – Desert (Required for events requiring tan uniform)
  • MARPAT Bonnie Cap – Woodland/ Desert
  • Multi Cam Shirt
  • Multi Cam Trousers
  • Multi Band Radio/ Radio & Headset
  • Side Arm w/ tan holster
  • 6-8 Mid Caps for Primary Weapon ( High Caps strongly discouraged)
  • Plate Carrier/ Chest Rig – Tan

Individual have the option to add other items of personal preference to their kit as they see fit. Gear added should conform to the teams style of play and should meet the standards of the Adirondack Rangers Code of Conduct. Questionable items will be required to be removed.

Replica Firearms

The Adirondack Rangers has currently adopted STANAG compatible weapons as the team’s primary replica weapons of choice.