Adirondack Rangers Recruitment

Adirondack Rangers (ADK) is currently looking for responsible, active and committed airsoft players over the age of 18 who desire to be part of an active team. New recruits are required to uphold the  integrity of ADK and the airsoft/ MILSIM sport in general while living up to the team motto “Fidelis Frater”, or Faithful Brothers.

Fisch and Banker

Recruits must be committed to working as a unit within the team, are required to adhere to the team Code of Conduct, conform to the style of game play ADK participates in, and must desire to have fun while being safety conscious.  ADK accepts committed players over the age of 16, male or female, who can participate in events in a mature responsible manner. ADK targets recruits who are 18+ for National Event play. Player’s who are considered minors must be able to obtain proper field release forms signed by their guardian to attend events.

ADK is looking for these qualities in our team members:

  • Individuals who excel in being part of a group, or Brotherhood.
  • Individuals who are capable of attending events out-of-state at a national play levels.
  • Individuals who respect and will commit to following the ADK Chain of Command.
  • Individuals who are willing to learn, train, and mentor skills.
  • Individuals who can meet the basic team gear requirements prior to acceptance: Gear

All new players are subject to a 180 day probation period after acceptance onto the team. During the 180 day probation period new  members can be dismissed by the team officers if they demonstrate a failure to continue to meet the qualities ADK seeks in a team member. After the 180 day probation period, removal from ADK roster is based on a simple majority vote by all active teams members. In the event of a tie,  the Team’s CO and XO will determine the best course of action and any decision made will be final.

ADK is NOT looking for individuals who:

  • Cannot travel to meet team needs for events.
  • Cannot make team meetings.
  • Cannot communicate via e-mail, team based social media, or phone.
  • Cannot break the “lone-Wolf” concept.
  • Are argumentative or disrespectful.

If interested; Drop us an e-mail thru our “Contact Us” page or visit our forums under recruitment.