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Adirondack Rangers Code of Conduct for unit members.

Unit members who do not abide by the code of conduct will be dropped from the team roster. Adirondack Rangers Leadership reserves the right to remove team members for failure to abide by these rules. Adirondack Rangers has produced videos that may better explain these rules on our youtube channel at ““.

Honor & Respect

  1. Adirondack Rangers is a family friendly unit which accepts players of all ages over 16. Players must respect all members regardless of age.
  2. Members are to avoid foul or inappropriate language on the field and in forums where they can be identified with the team, they will not display inappropriate patches or logo’s on their team uniform  while representing the Adirondack Rangers.
  3. Members must conduct themselves with honor and integrity in all public settings. Team members will not represent themselves to be active military unless currently serving in a branch of the United States Military.
  4. Members must conform to the teams uniform requirements during sanctioned events. The uniform with correct markings identifies the Adirondack Rangers as an airsoft team.
  5. Members must call hits; If in doubt, call yourself out and follow the game rules as outlined by the field guidelines. Airsoft is based on a honor system and only works when players act accordingly.

Game Safety

  1. A replica airsoft gun is to be treated as a real firearm. Replicas should remain in an unloaded state until entering the field for play.
  2. No alcohol or drug use which might impair judgement before or during a game will be tolerated.
  3. Do not point your replica at anyone unless involved in a game on the field and intend to shoot them in accordance with the game rules.
  4. Replicas are to be transported or carried in a carry case or another form of concealment to and from a game.
  5. Never remove you replica from it’s storage case near public property, instead unpack your replica at the staging area of the game field.
  6. Follow all field safety rules. No firing of your replica in the staging area, test fire you replica only in the field designated “live fire” zone.
  7. Members must wear proper eye protection at all times and face protection where required while on the field.
  8. If approached by law enforcement obey all requests issued. Respond quickly and intelligently to any request made.

Blog/ Forum Postings

  1. All posts must be respectful of the community, no foul or inappropriate language in the blogs or forums.
  2. All posts are subject to review by the site admin and postings found to be in conflict with this policy will be removed.
  3. Repeat offenders will have posting privileges suspended for 30 days. A repeat offense will result in being banned from the blogs and forums.

Failure of a player to commit and abide by the Adirondack Rangers Code of Conduct can result in the termination of a players good standing with the Adirondack Rangers. Termination is not subject  to the standard voting required by peers to remove a player from the team, instead it will be administered by senior team leadership when violations of team policy are brought to light.