Team Events

Video footage of events Adirondack Rangers and AREU have attended. More footage will be added as team ADK builds it video footage file.

Red Storm East III

April 25th – 27th, 2014 Scranton Lace Factory, Scranton PA

Elements ADK running with Eagle as part of Platoon 1 Squad 3, OR 1-3 at the ruins of the Lace Factory in Scranton PA. The linked video is courtesy of Jim Spaceman who ran next to us the entire event and shows 1-3 in action alone and with other elements of Eagle.

Watch for ADK’s Banker, Big Fish, Fisch, and Viper and Selfie  shots of Spaceman himself as they each make their cameo shots in the video!

Team Santa Vs Team Grinch III

ADK at the Citadel in Worcester, MA – December 30, 2012

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